Style & Quality

GOVOU collection focuses on beauty, simplicity and sustainability to create something of true value. We aim to create timeless pieces, each with an individual story that last.

100% pure Linen

These grain sacks were originally produced about 100 years ago on European farms, to bring grain to the mill. Each sack was hand woven from hemp with a distinctive pattern of strips showing which farm it belonged to, sometimes with a hand stitched monogram. The reason for the unique family farm markings were because the farmers wanted to be able to identify their own sacks when transporting sugar, flour and grain to the market. And when the grain came back from the mill, the unique markings ensured the sacks were returned to their rightful owner.

These textiles are, by nature, extremely Eco-friendly! The average age of these textiles is 100 years and they were naturally home grown, home retted (in local lakes and ponds) and woven by hand. These textiles are being re-cycled today and showing off the extreme craftsmanship of past generations!

What we do at GOVOU is to reinterpret the use of these fabrics.


¨Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance¨ - Coco Chanel



GOVOU was established in 2015 by Emese and Cinta. Emese has a background in graphic and textile design and Cinta is a business woman with impeccable taste and experience as a home interior stylist. Under unique circumstances, their lives crossed paths in the Tuscany of Costa Brava. Together they began to design and create a range of linen bags and accessories to suit everyday life.

In 2017 they began to design their home decor collection.

Emese and Cinta aim to create unique pieces, each with an individual story. They hand select these linens, which are made from hand-loomed 100+ year old wool, from Eastern European markets. The quality, durability and rarity of these European heritage fabrics are what makes GOVOU pieces individually unique and exclusive.